Information on Staff and Project (history)

FUSION is the name for a vivid group working on several ongoing research and developing projects in parallel. All projects share the common effort of developing a better human future. Research topics in biodiversity are highly interdisciplinary and diverse (comprising e.g. bioinformatics, biology, geoscience, computer science, software development, exploratories ...) and so are we. 

The Heinz-Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems at the University of Jena was established in November 2004 and has been funded until 2009 – as the name suggests – by the Heinz-Nixdorf StiftungExternal link.External link

Since then, the group developed dynamically: People from all over the world are members of our group's teams and the rather large group convenes for great social activities such as 

  • FUSION hike 
  • FUSION christmas party 
  • FUSION summer party 
  • FUSION retreat 
  • ... 

(and many more)

hiking around Jena
Image: Susanne M Hoffmann
FUSION hike (rest)
Image: Susanne M Hoffmann
Image: Felicitas Löffler
rainbow in Jena
Image: Susanne M Hoffmann
City of Jena
Image: Susanne M Hoffmann
group picture assembly 2015
Image: FUSIONgroup
christmas party FUSION
Image: FUSIONgroup
group's christmas present
Image: FUSION group
virtual xmas party II
Image: FUSIONgroup